Movement and Sounds Healing Retreat – 23-24-25 Febrero 2024 – EN

A week-end full of movement, somatic practices, ceremonies and healing sounds and rhythms.

We have built this special retreat so you can reconnect with your body, allow your mind to create new thoughts, and thus be able to transform your reality and your relationships with others.

Movement. We will use tools as self touch, breathing, movement, visualisation, dance, physical exercises, meditation, description tools and techniques with the goal of increasing our ability to pay attention and choose who and how to be in any situation. Be ourSelves!

Sounds. Our bodies are destined to connect with the vibrations of specific sounds allowing them to reverberate within us and help us to revive and reset. We will have several opportunities to connect physically and emotionally to instrumental sounds (drums, singing bowls, indian flauts, tuning forks, gong, shruti box and many more instruments from all over the world) and using our entire body as a massive ear, as a large receptor, to nourish ourselves.


Body connection with nature, Sound healing Journey (live music), Dance floor meditacion, Sounds and movement journey (live music), Somatic healing practice, Yoga dance, Primitive expression with live drum.

Accommodation (2 nights) and healthy plant based food

Prices (early birds until 24/01)

Single bed in a dorm : 299€ per person (early bird 199€)

Shared twin room: 329€ per person (early bird 229€)

Private Double Cabin for two: 719€ for two people (early bird 519€)

Private double cabin for one: 469€ (369€)

Stay one more night for free and enjoy massages, hiking, natural pools, waterfall or extreme sports!

This is your chance to tap into your true self and find the creativity and playfulness that you inherently have.

It’s happening – and we’d love for you to be a part of it.